There are many ways to make money offline an one of it is delivering product such as food,seasonings etc its a lucrative business that can be start with little capital and yet will yield a lot of income if done in the right way.
  Many market womens are now busy nowadays,especially the retailers they dnt have time to go to the market everyday,some consider the cost of transportation and stress
ss so they prefer a person that an sell to them directly to there base,so smart people now uses that to there advantage by buying from a wholesalers at a reduced and selling the product to the you know the basics buying from a wholesalers and selling back to the retailer,so how will i get customers;

  There are many ways to get customers;

#Meeting with potential customers;

#Meeting with store owners

#Advertise online and offline and use the word of mouth.

its not really hard to get customers the best way is to visit shop owners,tell them about your services and am sure they will firmly embrace it.when i started mine it wasnt hard at all i visited all the shop owners ,i told them about my services and then i deliver and they pay.Many of them really likes payment after delivery at least within a month i got like 50 unique customers now i have more than 500 unique customers.the next question is what you need to get start

*A proposal letter; a proposal letter is needed,some people dnt have the time for you to start talking,so in that case you will have to submit a proposal my on case i dnt use it except if i go to a larger store.

*Mode of transportation ; in this kind of business you will need a bus, in other to transport your product to your customers if you dnt have one you can rent one or get a special bus driver.the next question is how to get started

How to get started

*Research the product you want to sell;know the product that best fit your environment i.e the product that sell faster e.g i sell food product its the most demanded stuff in my environment

*Buy from an wholesales company;buy from a cost effective wholesales company that will sell to you at a redcued price

*Compare your price to the market price,make it as low as possible.

*Start selling and earning.

 NB When i first started i was frustrated becuase i earn little amount from it but when i discovered my self confidence,i become determined to succeed in it and yes it came true,i am now more satisfied with my in ome,yes i had so many problems with my customer some are going to start calling and saying bla but instead of shouting i handed it as cool as cucumber this made my customers to trust me so much and they start reffering me to there friends thats it be good to them and they will surely do the i will be saying thank you and happy journey to a successful enterpreneur. Thank you.

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