Caro White Skin Care Overview

Caro White is a formula wealthy in B-carotene and vitamin A and E so as to make your skin lightweight,manageable and satin smooth,it’s elements and active principles are specifically analysed to deep nourish your skin,shield it and provide you with sense of well being

Key Ingredients

Petrolatum,stearic acid,cetearyl alchol Isopropyl Myristate,Glycerine,methyl and propyl group Paraben,Huille De Carotte,vit E(0.2%) Hydroquinone max(2%) Aqua,fragrance.Let’s study the ingredient/formula used


It’s commonly known as petroleum jelly,it’s a by product of petroleum.


*it moisturize your skin thereby combat dry skin *it heals cut and burns Side Effect Of Petrolatum *it suffocates the skin when it is absorbed directly into the blood stream thereby reducing oxygen level absorbed through the skin

*Tends to cause cancer if contaminated with polycyclic hydrocarbon cancer causing chemicals found in crude oil and it’s by products(if care is not taken with the preparation)

*Can cause premature aging when absorbed into the bloodstream by increasing the numbers of free radicals in the body

Note:-Food and drug administration considered it has a good over the counter skin protectant but the EWG(Environmental working group)gave it a moderate hazard safety rating saying cosmetics that use petrolatum need more study for safety because there is a risk of contamination from polycylic aromatic hydrocarbon cancer causing chemicals present in crude oil and it’s by products. If petroleum is well refined then it is considered safe but if there is a chance that toxins are missed mistakenly during the processing then there is a chance of getting cancer


it’s a fatty acid used for making soap and’s naturally occurring in oils of plant and animal so it’s something we do consume daily let’s look at how our skin can benefit from it


it has no benefit to offer the skin but it’s an important ingredients used in skin care product,let’s look at the importance to skin care product

*it is use as a thickener

*As an emulsifiier I.e it hold the oil and the water together so that the manufacturer can add a high water to the moisturizer

Note-Stearic acid is the ingredient that makes your bar soap thick and firm it’s and emulsifier that binds the oil and water together.
Side Effect of stearic acid

*cause skin irritation to people with sensitive skin

Note-Fda has included stearic acid as one of a safe ingredient in cosmetics products

Cetyl Alcohol

Just like stearic acid cetyl Alcohol is also and emulsifier,cetyl is more than that it is also a moisturizer,let look through the benefits below

Benefits of cetyl Alchol To Your Skin

*It soften and moisturize the skin(emollients) Thereby reduces itching and flaking

*it provides relief for rough and scaly skin

Side Effect

*can cause minor irritation only to sensitive or irritated skin

*if you have a known allergy or an allergic reaction occurs stop use.


As a moisturizer

i. it moisturize the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin outer layer

ii. it forms a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss thereby combat dry skin

*it makes your skin look brighter,fairer and flawless

*it prevent wrinkles and promote a youthful appearance

*it remove dead skin cells

*it’s a natural toner

Side Effect

It doesn’t contain any serious side effect only if used in its pure form,using pure glycerine can pose some side effect like

*it can cause itching,redness or rashes

*if the formulae contains to much glycerine it can lead to break out

*it cause blister when use in hot and dry weather

Methyl and Propyl Paraben

Paraben are man-made preservatives chemicals used by manufacturer to preserve and prevent bacterial growth from product like shampoo,lotions,moisturizers, etc

Benefits to the Skin

It provide protection to against micro-organism over a product in order to be used for an extended period of time. It is a preservative and not really beneficial to the skin.

Effect of Paraben

*According to the fda(food and drug administration states) there is no information showing that Paraben used in cosmetics has an effect on human health thus they considered it safe

Other studies shows that;

*it is estrogenic I.e they can mimic the hormone estrogen,disrupting the normal function of the hormone system(source)

*it causes the death of skin cell at a much faster rate than normal

*they accelerate the skin aging process by increasing the skin sensitivity to the sun

*it is found in breast cancer tumours of 19 of 20 women thereby some studies links Paraben to cancer(source-)

*it irritates the skin

*cause allergic reaction

Note-:-since study are still ongoing and some studies shows it’s link to cancer,it’s penetrating ability which makes it to be absorbed easily it is advisable to use Paraben free products so that you won’t end up carrying chemicals around in your body which can even pose a great danger to your health In our next blog post we are gonna bring out list of Paraben free products

Vitamin E

It’s a good anti aging vitamin found in food,fruit and different kind of veggies,it is also used in skin care product to nourish your skin and provide you with a beautiful toned skin..Below are the skin benefits of Vit E


*it reverse signs of aging

*it keeps skin supple and glowing *it speed skin healing and soothe scaring

*it treats eczema and psoriasis

*it helps in whitening the skin

*it heals sun burns

*it fights against acne

Side Effect

*cause irritation to sensitive skin

*it can cause redness,stinging or burning


Hydroquinone is a subject on its own so we will only talk about its benefit and side effect.

Benefits of Hydroquinone to our Skin

*it is used in lightening discoloration in skin by decreasing the formation of melanin

*use to lighten age spot,sun spot,melanoma and freckles

Side Effect

*it can make your skin very sensitive which can lead to Sun burn

*if Hydroquinone is used in higher concentration it can cause kidney and liver damage

*Hydroquinone may cause exogenous ochronosis(a gradual blue black darkening of the skin)

*it is known to cause cancer but no one has developed cancer from Hydroquinone as per research.infact we do eat food that contains arbutin which readily convert to Hydroquinone in our stomach(source-)

*it can cause cancer by decreasing the melanin(pigment for skin coloration) it’s is over produced when you are exposed to uv rays thereby making you become black,this pigment also protect our skin from cancer and Hydroquinone works by reducing the pigment melanin thereby increasing the risk of getting cancer.

Note-Caro White contains 2% of Hydroquinone and thus considered safe to use.but considering the overall effect it is advisable to choose Hydroquinone free products.


They are use in order to add good scent to your skin care product like diethyl phthalate which scent your cream,lotion etc

Side Effect

Some fragrance are harmful and can cause serious health issue like diethyl pthalate

*it can cause endocrine disruption


*irritation etc Some companies discloses the kind of fragrances used you should be careful in choosing cosmetics with fragrances disclosed because we are not sure if it poses serious danger or not,it’s advisable to use a natural fragrances or fragrance free products


It moisturizes your skin and prevent it from dryness

It cools and refreshes the skin

It improves tones and texture of your skin

Side Effect

Mild itching or burning

Redness or irritation

Overall benefits of Caro White

*it’s a good moisturizer and hydrating cream

*it’s a good lightening cream

*it keeps the skin youthful and beautiful

*prevent wrinkles and promote a youthful skin

Side Effect cause irritation,some people experience it at there first try and some when they stop using it. can cause cancer-it has so many cancerous causing chemicals like Paraben,Hydroquinone(though 2% is still considered safe) can leads to break out -some people complain about it causing break out when they stop using it and I verified it myself it can cause break out.

Which effect I.e good or bad as Caro White done to your skin put it down as a comment

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