8 ingredient to avoid when purchasing your skin care products

The list below are ingredients that must be avoided when purchasing skin care products,This ingredients will only give you short term beauty and long time regrets,some of them will give you some smoothness,beauty,and feeling of well being but in the long run they will only Aggravate acne,cause serious skin problems,it’s not only going to affect your skin alone but also your health,it will be at stake,some can cause disruption of hormone,lung,kidney,liver damage,brain damage,reproductive toxicity e.t.c.let’s look at this ingredient ranging from skin lightening,moisturizer,preservatives,antimicrobial e.t.c that must  be avoided;

     * Retinol/Retinyl palmitate/Retinoic Acid-:

Found in- lotions,sunscreen,Anti-Aging Creams,Moisturizer,

*Side effect-when used in the presence of sunlight ,it speeds up the growth of cancerous tumours

*It can damage the DNA

Avoid using day products containing any form of vitamin A like retinol,retinyl palmitate,retinoic acid.

Best used when you are indoor,or at night that way you will obtain the maximum benefits of Retinol.


Found in-soaps,Lotions,lightening creams,drugs,anti aging creams etc

Side-Effects-Mercury are easily absorbed into the skin and when absorbed it can can cause Mercury poisoning which can lead to memory loss,Vision or hearing problem,kidney and liver damage,it can also affect unborn babies exposed to Mercury by causing brain damage,memory problem, and visual skills which can lead to learning problem etc

Avoid using any products containing this ingredient, and by Checking labels for,Mercurio,Mercuric,Calomel,Mercurous Chloride if you see them in your skin care products stop use immediately.

(Butylated hydroxyanisole)=(Butylated hydroxytoluene)


Found in-food ,sunscreen,lipsticks,creams,fragrance, e.t.c

Side Effect –
-it is a possible human carcinogen,
-it can lead to organ toxicity,Reproductive Toxicity,Endocrine system toxicity etc
-it causes irritation
Avoid products containing this ingredients by checking the labels


Found in -Sunscreen

It can cause allergic skin reaction,may disrupt hormone and alter sperm production

Avoid using sunscreens containing oxybenzone

Other options,Titanium dioxide,Zinc Oxide,Mexoryl SX


Found in-:-Creams,


-lt can make your skin very sensitive which can lead to sunburn

-if hydroquinone is used in higher concentration,it can cause kidney and liver damage

-it may #cause Ochronosis(a blue black darkening of the skin)

Avoid lightening cream containing hydroquinone


Use; as a preservatives they are found in cosmetics,deodorant,moisturiser,lotion,shampoo etc

Side Effect-
It mimic the hormone estrogen,and disrupting the normal functions of the hormone system

It causes the death of skin  cells at a much faster rate than normal

It accelerate the skin aging by increasing its sensitivity to Sun

It is link to cause cancer

Avoid paraben products by checking its label


Found in-cosmetic,deodorant etc


-Endocrine disruption

-Allergies and immunotoxicity

*Triclosan and Triclocarban

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