Promote Your Business Using Bulk Sms Services

February 24, 2017 olajide Ayomide 0

  Bulk sms marketing is a cost effective and reliable medium to promote any kind of product.if you are about to launch a product, sms marketing will give you A better result.No matter what,People will always have there mobile phone with them and we will send your services/business to them which will create awareness for your product/business. We all have to accept it readily that mobile devices is the  mainstay of society and are mightily […read more]

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December 2, 2016 olajide Ayomide 0

Broiler is a lucrative poultry birds that brings in a lot of money due to its high demand,if you have been considering going into this business then you are on the right path of becoming a millionaire within months,broiler farming is my family main source of income,we;ve been into this business right from my kid,so I know almost everything about it,and now with a lot of re-seller under us,I know you will keep thinking if […read more]

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November 9, 2016 olajide Ayomide 1

  There are many ways to make money offline an one of it is delivering product such as food,seasonings etc its a lucrative business that can be start with little capital and yet will yield a lot of income if done in the right way.  Many market womens are now busy nowadays,especially the retailers they dnt have time to go to the market everyday,some consider the cost of transportation and stressss so they prefer a […read more]